Case study

Raising the quality of MQLs while keeping CPLs down.

Dropbox Business offers powerful storage, sharing, and collaboration tools – from any device in any location.

The challenge

We had a limited amount of awareness content available with which to nurture prospects, and the activation budgets that we had been given were challenging. So we needed a radical strategy.

The Solution

Critical to the success of our strategy were three, interlocking, cyclical stages: Awareness, Demand Generation, and Sales Enablement & Nurturing. The always-on full-funnel strategy created a platform to nurture a business audience. Engaging content was then promoted with a custom social insights deck in a monthly Sales Enablement package. This then educated Sales teams about using the assets to build relationships with their leads on LinkedIn and more effectively use Sales Navigator.

Dropbox V2 3
Dropbox V2 4
Dropbox V2 5

The results

The results

The results