Case study

Repositioning HP in the minds of decision makers as an inspiring partner.

HP is a market-leading manufacturer of PCs and printers.

The Challenge

Align the siloed sales and marketing teams around a common goal of generating more business from 4,000 target accounts. However, to do so, HP needed to make some significant leaps in terms of;• Sales and Marketing alignment• Leveraging data and insights to identify the right accounts• Account mapping and profiling to identify the right individuals• Always-on visibility of account interest and activity

The Solution

An ABM campaign that adapted tactics and messaging depending not only on the account’s product need, but where they were in their RFP cycle. With messaging adapting to this when it progressed.• Tier 3: 2+ years from RFP. Awareness messaging• Tier 2: 18 months from RFP. More product focused and educational about the benefits of using HP. 1:Few/ 1:1 approach.• Tier 1: RFP released. Heavily product focused messaging targeting. Business and IT solutions narrative.

By reaching and influencing our target accounts over a much longer period, with tactics and messaging that adapt in an intelligent and fluid way, we have completely reengineered the way we think about ABM. It’s united Sales and Marketing, and has already helped us build relationships with hundreds of accounts. We fully expect this strategy to continue to deliver over the long term.

Richard Robbins, Digital Marketing Transformation EMEA Deployment Lead, HP

The results

The results

The results