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By Paola Gulian - 23rd October 2015

Think about every piece of the content puzzle whilst planning your Social Media campaign. Social Media is all about well thought-out visual and editorial content that is meant to entice your audience. 

  • Connect with your audience Listen and learn from your audience to allow for your content to be understood and for your audience to continuously stay interested in what you want to say. Ask questions, reply to comments and respond to requests made by your readers.
  • Be Consistent
In order to build trust and grow your reputation and community, you need to deliver good content consistently. By regularly communicating with your audience with information that’s relevant and on topic, you will have a better chance at building long term relationships.
  • Have a Purpose 

Know who you want to reach and why you want to communicate with them. Every piece of content you share should have a direction, purpose and a reason in order to be useful for your audience.

  • Have a Personality

Make your posts personal and make them stand out by applying a unique style and a challenging point of view that your audience can relate to.

  • Evaluate your success 

Monitor how your posts are performing and adjust your future strategy accordingly to make sure you are posting content that your audience likes and cares about.

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