Posted on:
November 30th, 2021

Better together: Connecting brand and demand

Better Together

We’ve seen it all before. You spend ages getting your messaging and content right, then set up a highly targeted campaign… but no one seems to bite. 

Maybe you chose the wrong topics? Maybe you’re targeting the wrong personas? Eventually, you come to the realisation that demand gen is only getting you so far. You need smarter marketing.  

Millennial consumers are increasingly looking beyond the product to understand a brand’s values. More than a set of words you use to describe yourself, your brand needs to effectively demonstrate ‘why’ it exists – and by extension, why it deserves your audiences’ spend.

And we don’t just mean a simple mission statement. Buyers want to know your brand’s vision, its long-term goals, and its culture to see if they align with their own.

To achieve cut through, you need to have a strong brand identity. But how do you transition from a brand that’s inoffensive and, let’s be honest, safe to one that actually plays to, and connects with, a human audience? Well, we at Transmission have the answer.

As a truly full-service agency, we do the research and planning to create a brand’s insight-driven ‘north star’. Our strength lies not only in being able to see the bigger picture, but to work closely across our own departments to create a connected brand strategy that resonates with every area of your business.

When you know what your brand stands for, it becomes easier to align it with your demand generation work. And when you get the two working in tandem, you’ll get the ROI and cut through you need to grow.

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