Transmission is a full service B2B marketing agency built to deliver business performance.




Informed Communications

We know that great ideas begin life as a spark, becoming compelling messages that have a reason for being. But ideas can be lost through the inability to transmit them to the right audience at the right time in the right place. We can help you plan smarter.


Full Service Agency

Having connected planning, creative, content and media activation teams in-house allows us to connect you and your message to your audience – transforming attitudes. We can take care of all aspects of campaign planning and activation.


End to End Delivery

You have the confidence that your campaign will deliver, because those who place it are involved from the start. Retaining the original spark of an idea right through to activation.


Alex Wares

Managing Director

Alex cut his teeth in the wild west of SEO (back when Google letting us bid on keywords was a really big deal). He helmed digital agency Mediarun for 8 years, building a business tailored to client needs and pains, rather than technological gimmicks.

Keen to bring the possibilities of new technologies to bear for more sophisticated B2B marketing, he now intends to do the same thing again at Transmission.

In his spare time he enjoys taking a slow approach to long distance travel (he’s done London to Beijing by train and Mexico City to Tierra del Fuego by road), inflicting grievous bodily harm on others for charity (though he calls it ‘white collar boxing’), and spending time with his family and their dog (but mostly the dog).