Having traditionally focused their marketing and sales efforts on IT decision makers across EMEA, in 2017 Dropbox started exploring a new target audience – marketers.

While many marketers had heard of Dropbox as a brand – and relied on the free version for their personal use - there was very limited awareness of the full benefits of Dropbox Business and the unique value it gave to both corporate marketing departments and marketing agencies.


Raise awareness and educate marketers on the full Dropbox Business proposition.

Generate 2,000 MQLs over a six-month campaign timeframe.

We started by helping define the target audience as well as three key personas within those businesses – marketing leadership, creatives and marketing programme producers.


Our research told us that marketing professionals faced many file sharing and collaboration challenges

  • 78% needed faster processes to speed up approvals
  • 64% wanted to keep sensitive data secure
  • 61% needed real-time document alignment and version control
  • 54% required larger file storage and sharing ability for media files
  • 73% revealed that team personality clashes or communication breakdowns were causing delays and affecting results. 


We decided to explore the emotional human pain points most common across marketing teams, while also focusing on the audience’s sense of curiosity and fun. The result?

An educational, engaging and interactive personality assessment tool called ‘Marketing Dynamix ‘. The online tool helped marketers understand and appreciate different personality traits and uncover personal development goals that could improve team effectiveness.


To promote Marketing Dynamix, Transmission developed an extensive digital activation plan that combined social, display media, content syndication, video and email marketing.

On social, for example, we used YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat – the first time Snapchat had ever been used in a B2B Marketing campaign in EMEA. We built innovative video ads, GIFs, and statics, and localised them for each regional market. Twitter alone saw over 36,000 engagements.


The Marketing Dynamix test brought prospects into the marketing funnel, irrespective of where they were on their path to purchase – and in many cases before they had even begun.
Priceless in today’s B2B environment!

The results were fantastic:

  • 2207 marketing qualified leads
  • 125 Team Wheels completed
  • 12 million impressions
  • 68,000 clicks

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