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By Catherine Brown - 11th November 2015

Since opening for business in 2013, it’s been all stations go here at Pulse. We have been rushed off our feet breathing fire into the technology industry and working on amazing projects with clients.

Now in 2015, catching our breath and beaming around at our ever expanding team of experts, a need for change is in the air. Now, it’s time to step up to our own game, practice what we preach, taste our own medicine; it’s time to fully embrace the content marketing magic we so readily cast around the technology industry. We’ve FINALLY found the time between client success stories to focus on our own strategy, and first item on the agenda? Introducing the new and improved Pulse website.

Walk the talk

So a plush new website is all very well; it makes us feel great. But really, this new site isn’t for us, it’s for you!

We spend our days dishing out content marketing advice and playing the marketing expert in the tech industry. But actions speak louder than words and now it’s our turn to show you what we’re made of.

We’re gearing up to kick off a content avalanche: a stream of helpful advice, guides, and experiences to help good marketers become great marketers. We want to become your go to resource for tackling marketing challenges, your first port of call for questions and answers, your number one centre for tips and tricks. We want you to get to know Pulse by experiencing what we do, not just by listening to us bang on about ourselves.

The power of video

The site also acts as an opportunity for us to showcase our powerful storytelling skills and ability to get a message across in a nutshell. For this nutshell, we needed an easy to understand, engaging bite of content, telling you who we are and what we do. It was decided this mission required video as the medium that allowed us to pack as much information as possible into a few minutes.
We produced a suite of four videos that deliver our message with impact, in a way that hopefully resonates, saving you from an eight paragraph ‘About Us’ section that makes your eyes glaze over.

Looking to the future

So as you can tell, we’re pretty excited about how things are looking. But we are only just beginning our strut down the content catwalk and there’s a lot of work to be done! Make sure you stay tuned for this content evolution as there are loads of ideas bubbling away at Pulse that we can’t wait to share with you. And please, if you have an opinion – a gush of love, a surge of hate – let us know! Feedback is essential to stay at the top of the game and we’d love to hear from you.

So watch this space. The new Pulse website is merely the kick-off: a sign of great things to come.

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