Atlas by Facebook: a step towards user transparency

By Paola Gulian - 13th October 2014

Facebook’s new ad platform Atlas goes a step further towards solving the issues of tracking and understanding a user’s journey, behaviour and interaction with content across multiple platforms and channels. Atlas’ objective is to deliver people-based marketing and give advertisers and marketers the ability to target and reach users across multiple devices, platforms and media without having to rely on cookies. 

Erik Johnson, the head of Atlas mentioned some of the key problems solved within the newly redesigned Atlas on the company’s blog post.

“Cookies don’t work on mobile, are becoming less accurate in demographic targeting and can’t easily or accurately measure the customer purchase funnel across browsers and devices or into the offline world. People-based marketing solves these problems.”

Atlas is set to evolve how digital marketing works by making this long-awaited shift in the manner we target and monitor audiences. With so many different ways to share and access content, it has proved difficult to coordinate how interaction on different channels influences users’ choices, preferences and behaviour in both the online and offline world.

Users and their online and offline habits will become more transparent than ever before. Their interaction with ads and advertising content will be tracked through their Facebook accounts, no matter the platform or device. And now, through understanding more about aspects of a users’ interaction with content and their reaction to it, marketers have the ability to get very granular with their targeting.

As users continuously use new technologies, mediums and platforms to access information, it proves difficult to collect and make sense of the data available and what it means. Facebook’s new ad platform is a step towards a new way of optimising the data available. This anytime – anywhere connection will reform the accuracy and effectiveness of digital marketing as we know it.

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