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By Paola Gulian - 29th October 2014

Keeping abreast of the latest news and being able to react promptly to newly released content is an important task that every content marketer is challenged with. With so much information published on blogs and websites daily, it’s simply impossible to review every piece of relevant content and act accordingly.

Feedly is a news aggregator app that is available for web and mobile devices that run on iOS & Android. It lets you compile news feeds from a wide variety of websites, blogs, news and all-round information sources.  It’s a fast running, all-device-connected application that allows you to create your own personalised news feed, compiling all of your favourite blogs and news websites. The experience very much resembles a virtual magazine and has a scrolling functionality. Feedly is fully customisable, making it very easy to use and easy to choose over other similar e-newsreaders. You can use it to stay up to date with relevant information for your business or to follow your peers and competitors publishing activities. It saves you time jumping from one website to another and aggregates the most shared and most important news from each of your preferred content sources.

The ability to use Feedly on all devices gives you the freedom to read your personalised feed wherever you are and share relevant articles to your business from each of your preferred devices and platforms. It brings focus on visual design with its clean interface and the neatly designed feed makes it easier to skim through content without the issue of distraction.

If you are an ex Google Reader user and you are looking for an easy to use RSS reader with a clean design that delivers timely and beautifully curated content, Feedly would be perfect for you.

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