6 step quick inbound marketing plan

By Paola Gulian - 22nd October 2014

Inbound marketing focuses on communicating with your potential customer in a manner that allows them to get to know your brand and your business in a non-intrusive way. A successful inbound marketing strategy includes a structured plan, which should help you map out what facets of your strategy are of higher priority than others.

1. Outline your Buyer Persona
Determine who you want to reach with your content. You should evaluate what common traits, interests, goals and priorities your ideal customers have in order to be able to outline who your buyer personas are. 
2. Identify Marketing Triggers & Create a List of Keywords
Identify what your audience’s issues and points of interest are as well as what makes them look for information and resources in order to fulfill the needs they have. Further create a list of relevant keywords based on your findings and use them throughout your content creation accordingly. 
3. Set your goals 
Set benchmarks based on previous performance and create specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and tangible goals, also referred to as SMART goals. 
4. Create Content 
Create relevant,valuable and informative content, which will attract your desired audience to your website. Furthermore, you should create multi-format and entertaining content driven by the information you want to convey and by your audience’s preferred topics and interests.  
5. Distribute Your Content 
Once you have created your inbound marketing content, your next step is to get it seen by widely sharing your content on platforms where your desired audience is most active. Distribute your varied content across multiple channels based on the way your audience consumes information and searches for it. 
6. Measure Performance  
Measure which of your content and actions draw engagement and traffic to your site. Monitoring how each aspect is performing will help you determine what strategies would be successful going forward. 


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