Posted on:
May 26th, 2021

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


AAPI Mythbuster Series.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have long battled the ‘model minority’ myth. This is a harmful stereotype for many reasons:

  • Creates a wedge with other minority groups
  • Others AAPI from the white majority
  • Hides and normalizes racism against the AAPI community
  • Asian issues are treated as non-existent or not significant since the community is perceived as doing just fine regardless of the true situation 

At Transmission, we want to use our ‘Mythbusters’ platform to educate, to inspire and to take a stand against AAPI hate.


There has been a disturbing rise in hate crimes against the AAPI community.  High-profile incidents are happening weekly, and micro aggressions continue to happen daily. According to the Pew Center Survey from April 2021:


45% of Asians experienced at least one of five offensive actions since the start of the pandemic. Things like being subjected to racial slurs or jokes or people acting uncomfortable to be around Asians.

73% of Asian adults reported experiencing discrimination or unfair treatment because of their race.

A staggering 81% of Asian adults say violence against the group is rising.