Ricky Abbott and TechConnectr Talk Account Based Marketing

By Ricky Abbott - 1st July 2019

Last week Transmission’s Ricky Abbott sat down with TechConnectr to discuss all things ABM.

Listen to learn:

  • The importance of a strategic ABM framework
  • Key examples of extremely successful ABM programs
  • The importance of assisting Sales

…And much more!


Interview Highlights:


  • ABM Marketing – UK vs US audiences
  • ABM as a Strategic Discipline
  • Leveraging Internal Intelligence for Meaningful Insights
  • Understanding Audience Personas
  • Targeted Messaging – Customised One-to-One Messaging
  • ABM Case Study – HP
  • ABM Case Study – Couchbase
  • Direct Mail ABM Marketing
  • Omni-Channel ABM Programs
  • Sales and Marketing Coordination
  • Segmentation Methodologies
  • Hyper-Personalisation
  • Customer Advocacy Programs


Listen to the interview below


Ricky Abbott

President, Americas, Transmission

Category: Insight



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