Pulse Spokespeople Covered in B2B Marketing’s Programmatic Guide

By Elizabeth Marriott - 26th July 2017

We are proud to be powered by brilliant people. Experts who are passionate about what they do, but what’s more – who have the ability to spread that knowledge. This was recognised recently when B2B Marketing came to us for our specialist insights on Programmatic display trading. Our Marketing Operations and Technology Director Paul Cowin, and Media Platforms Manager Jon To provided their insights on the complex and misunderstood world of Programmatic.

Take a look at some of the quotes below. For the full article see: https://www.b2bmarketing.net/en-gb/member-resources/unleash-power-programmatic-b2b


“When people talk about ‘programmatic’, they actually mean ‘programmatic display’. A lot of marketers and agencies talk about programmatic, and don’t realise that they’re already investing in programmatic buys through exchanges such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.”

Jon To, media platform manager, Pulse


“It’s not one thing – it’s not just a low-cost, response-driving tool. And I think some clients do approach it like that. They see it as cheap and driving leads. You can do that, but that’s not the only reason you use it.”

Paul Cowin, director, marketing operations and technology, Pulse


“I think that’s the biggest fear with clients that we speak to – they think everything’s automated and don’t know what’s going in. But this is why it’s really important to have third parties either verifying data or verifying where your ads are.”

Jon To, media campaign manager, Pulse


“With the right data, you can start to tie together your social and your search and track users between different channels, where those audiences are crossing over. That means reporting is much more powerful, as you can match it across activity with multiple channels.”

Paul Cowin, director, marketing operations and technology, Pulse


Paul Cowin,

Director, marketing operations and technology




Jon To

Media campaign manager

Elizabeth Marriott

Senior Marketing Manager

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