Write SEO friendly blog posts in 5 steps

Von Paola Gulian - 21st November 2014

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is often the key behind the success of any blogging campaign. Although the infamous points about keyword consistency and structure should still be a vital part of your blogging and optimisation tactic, you should also consider the importance of just good writing. It’s important to remember not to write for search engines, but for people! An accurately targeted and well written piece of content will perform better and be more shareable than a piece purely designed for a search engine bot. With these points in mind, here are a few tips you should consider before and whilst writing your next blog piece. 

  • Come up with an idea

Think about for whom you are writing and for what the purpose.  Remember to consider the outline, the outcome and the influence it’s going to have on your readers. As you are writing for a specific audience, you should always aim to inform them and keep in mind what they would want to read.

  • Create a structure / plan

Each piece of written content should have a structure, which will help you plan the delivery of your points more easily. Your blog posts should have an introduction (where you introduce the topic you will be covering), body copy (where your main topic should be explained), and a conclusion (where you summarise your outcome and main points made).

  • Use Subheadings

Think about the main points within your blog post and divide them to create sub-points with headings. Subheadings will make your content flow and will help your readers skim through your content more quickly, whilst also further bringing structure to your piece.

  • Use key terms / keywords

Identify a list of key terms and keywords that relate to the topic of your blog piece. Make sure you are using those keywords throughout your copy consistently, without compromising style and quality. Be careful not to repeat keywords too often as search engines might regard such keyword saturated content as Spam.

(Keywords will help you with structure and will help search engines crawl your content more easily.)

  • Build links

Include a call to action at the end of your post to engage your readers. Include social sharing buttons and encourage your readers to share and link to it. The more links and connections you have, the better for your SEO strategy.

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