We wish you a very techy Christmas!

Von Catherine Brown - 23rd Dezember 2015

“All I want for Christmas… is a whole pile of cool techy stuff.”

No, we’re not talking iPhones, drones and smartwatches (although they would all be pretty nice). At Pulse, we know technology isn’t just for Christmas and our wish lists are full of apps, analytics and add-ons.

As Christmas is the time for giving, we asked some of the team what gift they would recommend for every tech person this Christmas. Take some inspiration for your Christmas wish list from Pulse’s little helpers…

Paola Christmas


“Pocket is the best! It lets you save all of the useful blog posts, web pages, images—anything useful that you find, letting you come back to them later. I use it as an online wallet or list of thing that I want to read and use, but don’t have time to at the time.” – Paola

pulse xmas blog-07


“Hola is an awesome browser plugin that allows users to surf the internet by utilising VPNs. Once the app is active, the user has a choice to click to their favourite websites and automatically surf the web with an IP address of their choice, meaning that users can surf the web as local traffic from everywhere! Really useful to any advertiser with multiple local language campaigns, as this is an easy way to confirm campaigns, and local landing pages are working fine, but mainly…it’s a VPN app! How cool is that?” – Stav

Elliot Christmas


FREE – £
“A team communication platform, Slack’s the answer to all your inter-office issues. It streamlines and combines pretty much anything you can think of, and breaks down boundaries around how we think of email, communication and collaboration. I think the thing it does best is the way it talks to other apps such as Drive and Dropbox – if nothing else it saves me trying to remember where something’s been saved!” – Elliot

Deema Christmas


“YSLow is a developer tool that I use to help me identify the reasons for slow sites. For me, it’s mainly to check that my design assets are not slowing down the site and if so I can make changes to them. It offers useful suggestions for improvements and displays actionable statistics on the website.” – Deema

pulse xmas blog-05

Nielsen Ad Relevance

“I like Nielsen AdRelevance because it shows you where, when and how much your competitors are advertising – extremely useful for marketers and salespeople alike! You can stay on top of what new campaigns your top prospects or competitors launched in the last week and which companies are adopting rich media.” – Martin

Leti Christmas


“Move over Google Translate! I love Linguee because it shows translations into context. For social media managers, community managers and copywriters, it’s very important to be able to find equivalent or alternative terms for idioms and expressions; they never just translate literally.” – Leticia

Jon Christmas


FREE – ££
“I love Ghostery’s browser extension. It provides full transparency of the tracking going on in any web page, which can be really helpful if you’re trying to figure out what is slowing your loading times, and directs you to their exact code or tracking URL. I use it in implementing and troubleshooting tracking mechanisms; though others might use it to avoid them!” – Jon

Russell Christmas

Crazy Egg

£ – ££
“I love Crazy Egg. It’s an analytics tool that visually displays how your users navigate a page on your website. It shows you where users look and click, and how far they scroll, which is really helpful when building websites for clients. There’s also a pretty nice support centre if you get stuck.” – Russell

Cath Christmas


“I use Grammarly all the time as it acts as a very sophisticated spell checker wherever you write online (handy for website and social content). It also analyses the engagement levels of your copy, identifying scope for improvement, and shows you how you stack up against other Grammarly users. Nice to know how good your copy is compared to other web writers!” – Cath

What are you hoping to get in your stocking this year? Any programs or apps worth knowing about? Let us know in the comments!

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