Optimise your YouTube video for SEO

Von Paola Gulian - 23rd Oktober 2015

YouTube videos add a great deal of value to your SEO tactics. Whilst SEO for written content on blogs and websites is important, every piece of your content should be optimised for web. A well optimised video can make your content appear higher in Google search results.

  • Video title

Being the first thing a user notices, your video title is the most important part of your text assets. Make sure your title is shorter than 70 characters and includes relevant keywords related to the context and topic of your video.

  • Video description

The description field is where you can thoroughly explain what your video is about and allows for more text to be crawled by search engines. The first line of your description is crucial and you should keep your description concise and include keywords consistently to ensure relevant and successful crawling.

  • Video tags

To make your video accessible and search-able on YouTube, you must include relevant tags to the context of your video. The tags you choose should be keyword consistent, much like your video title and description.

  • Video transcriptions

Google’s “voice-to-text” technology helps search engines crawl the audio of YouTube video content. To make sure the crawling is relevant you should upload a carefully curated custom transcript which includes keywords relevant to your content.

  • Video Social Sharing

Much like every other piece of your content marketing strategy, your videos need relevant social promotion to increase views, gain awareness and help your SEO. Share your video on your social media channels to encourage more interaction with your community.

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