The benefits of blogging in content marketing

Von Paola Gulian - 2nd Dezember 2014

A unique tone of voice sets a company apart from its competition. Running a successful company blog can offer a personality and a sense of humanity to a business to help shape their unique stance. It can bring much to your content marketing strategy, serve as a way to shape your brand and offer an opportunity to influence the way your target audience sees yowru and thinks of you. Your blog serves as your creative canvas where you share knowledge of your business landscape and spark a conversation with your audience. Connecting with your readers gives you a chance to get to know them better and helps you with your direction and inspiration for future topics of discussion.

Listen to your audience as they are the ones you want to please and only they can tell you what they would like to read about. 

  • Attract more visitors to your website

Your blog should consist of original content written by you that gives insight surrounding your area of expertise. Providing the right content suited to what your target audience’s issues are will help drive them to your site to find out more.

  • Increase your search ranking

Produce new and relevant content consistently as search engines reward newly published content by indexing regularly updated websites more frequently. To further increase your ranking, make sure your blog posts are SEO friendly and optimised by including relevant keywords and writing about relevant topics.

Brands without a voice are brands without a personality 

  • Interact with your audience / Get to know your audience

Write content that your audience can relate to and is highly shareable. Further talk about your blog topics on social media and promote your blog posts on your social media channels to not only increase visits, but to provoke engagement. Focus on writing about thought provoking issues, be opinionated and encourage engagement in order to start a conversation with your readers. A response or opinion could be useful for setting your future strategy.

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