Behave! Platform by platform tips on social media behaviour

Von Paola Gulian - 3rd Februar 2016

Social media has taken over and become one of the most important parts of community building for any brand or agency. It gives you the freedom to communicate with your audience in real time and understand what they think about your brand and what they want. As an active social user, you will know by now that sharing, posting and speaking to your customer base is at the core of a successful social strategy.

If you’re active on more channels than one, however, this creates the necessity to tailor your approach depending on the social platform you are working with.

Each network has its own:

  • characteristics
  • audience behaviour
  • unique algorithm
    This post is your quick guide to social media behaviour and how each of the famous platforms demand unique habits, behaviours and attitudes.

    Let’s start with…


    With the 140-character limit, Twitter is all about snackable content (and we love snacks!). The Twitter audience is an active one. Once you’re scrolling down the dynamic news feed you will find yourself in a constantly updating, fluid stream of information. To receive a high amount of engagement, you have to commit to being a continuous poster. Share, retweet, like posts and be active as often as you can. You will really notice the difference in response.


    Contrary to Twitter, Facebook is really about having a structured approach to posting. Keep to a schedule and make sure you don’t flood your fans with repeated content. The Facebook audience likes a clean and personalised news feed, and what you want to avoid is an ‘Unsubscribe’. With that being said, you shouldn’t be afraid to post often as long as your content is varied, engaging and visual. Share relevant articles to your business, interests and beliefs.


    With an audience of over 300 million users, Instagram is the platform with the highest engagement rate, beating both Facebook and Twitter. What’s not to love when the news feed is a constant stream of vibrant images? But there are a few tips you should take into account before posting a stream of images:

  • Don’t be too worried about copy length
  • Post hashtags in your comment section, rather than within your caption to control when your image appears on the top of the #hashtag feed
  • Try and picture your Insta feed as an artist’s portfolio and develop a strategy of how to use filters and colours to keep your posts consistent
  • Keep to the lighter filters if you want to generate more likes as research shows lighter images get 24% more likes
  • LinkedIn

    Although sometimes overlooked, LinkedIn is the second most visited social network (in the US). The platform allows you to reach highly educated professionals with a real passion for their industry who are interested in reading educational content.
    LinkedIn’s news feed algorithm tends to show one piece of content many times, so to avoid flooding your network with repeated content it’s good to keep to a content calendar with a variety of different posts. Prompting shares and likes with your copy would ensure to keep your piece of content alive on the network; the more likes your posts has, the longer its LinkedIn life will be. Another key tip would be to make your mark within the professionals in your industry by being consistently active in LinkedIn groups and interacting with your connections’ posts.

    The key takeaway from all of these tips would be to remember that each platform has its own unique character and just by taking that into account and strategising your efforts you can make your presence online a memorable one.

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