Announcing the Pulse Account Based Marketing Symposium

Von Catherine Brown - 11th Mai 2016

What: The Account Based Marketing Symposium
When: 29th June 2016, 9am – 1pm
Where: Bounce, Old Street, London

Increasingly over the past year, we as an industry in B2B tech have felt the power surge of Account Based Marketing. However, it’s not like all B2B marketers and agencies can become ABM experts overnight. A lot of research is required into the possible routes to take, sometimes a massive overhaul of technology and content is necessary to set the wheels in motion, and a new education is imperative.

Many of you may have been dealing with ABM campaigns for years, but the new fuss is being thrown up around the multiplying tech sphere that populates the ABM landscape. And take it from us, it’s mind boggling.

Amidst our research to get Pulse up to the high standard required by our clients, we concluded that the best way to boost the confidence and knowledge levels of our industry would be to invite the best B2B tech marketers to an event where they could learn, share ideas and ask questions alongside like-minded people. And so the idea for the Symposium was born.

We’ve asked along speakers from the companies that are powering the Account Based Marketing movement so that the audience is privy to the latest developments and cutting edge knowledge. They will be traveling from around the world to share their insight and advice on specific challenges marketers may have.

See our event page for more information

Participating companies include:


Demandbase is the leading targeting and personalisation company for B2B. With Demandbase, businesses can target, engage, convert and retain the customers only that matter most to their bottom line. The B2B Marketing Cloud connects to existing sales and marketing technologies – including CMS, CRM, marketing automation, analytics, chat and others — and provides a unified view of all activity across the entire sales funnel.


With 400 million+ members, what better place to reach your business customers than LinkedIn? The platform has recently introduced account level targeting making it the ABM leader of the social pack and bring a new dimension to your Account Based Marketing campaigns.


Bombora is the first aggregated source of behavioural intent data for B2B creating a “first of its kind” data cooperative of premium B2B media companies. Its content consumption monitoring technology renders intent data which aligns marketing and sales teams, empowering them to monetise their business by performing actions based on the knowledge of what companies are in market for which products.

CRM Technologies

As a marketing operations agency, CRM Technologies has led the way in helping organisations transform traditionally siloed sales and marketing activities into integrated, agile programmes that deliver return on investment. Experts in using insight, technology and data to improve customer engagement and marketing performance, CRM Technologies are perfectly positioned to advise of operational requirements for Account Based Marketing.

So who should attend?

The event is aimed at B2B tech marketers who want to get ahead of the curve on Account Based Marketing. Either you’ve never run an ABM campaign and want advice before setting out, or you’ve got a campaign in place but are looking to improve it. Or maybe you want to hear the latest developments whilst enjoying a delicious lunch and friendly game of ping pong with your marketing peers.

Did we mention there was food and ping pong?

Oh yes, the event will take place in Bounce, Old Street, a location some of you might be more familiar with for Friday night drinks. Bounce is actually a super swish conference venue that keeps you awake with unlimited ping pong in the breaks. There’s a delicious and nutritious menu for the day starting with breakfast at 8.30, keeping you fed and watered all through the talks into a generous lunch at 12.30. You won’t go away hungry put it that way!

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