3 ways marketing technology can help your social media presence

Von Paola Gulian - 18th Februar 2015

Maintaining a strong social presence is an imperative part of any brands’ marketing strategy, although significantly time consuming.

Understanding which technology platforms can help you in execution and reporting of your marketing strategy can be difficult. With social media, this becomes more complicated as we are encouraged to engage in conversations. So, how can technology platforms such as marketing automation help without seeming too robotic?

Marketing automation can help you organise your social strategy and minimise your efforts in planning your actions and interacting with your audience. The array of tools they provide can assist you to:

1. Understand your audience

There is a myriad of audience data available on social media, curating that data can be a chore. More importantly, accessing this data can help to build your strategy, plan your execution & analyse performance.

Marketing technology platforms make accessing and curating this data much easier and can help determine when your posts are seen and engaged with the most, what type of content is preferred and with correct tracking in place what is converting best.

2. Post at the right time

No matter how good your content is, what’s important is for your content to be noticed. In order to get your content seen and get your message across you have to post at times when your desired audience is active. This could mean staying up into the late hours of the night and so posting content on social media platforms can be time consuming and inconvenient.

Marketing technology platforms can help you determine when to post in order to get the most out of your time spent on social media.

3. Engage & listen

Social media is the one of the easiest and least forceful ways of staying connected to your audience. Building and maintaining a strong relationship with your target audience is an important part of marketing as a whole. In social media, this is even more vital and in order to maintain your connection, you need to be consistent with your posting and engagement tactics.

Posting is only part of social media. Where most organisations fail is engagement and listening, marketing technologies allow you to keep on top of your audience’s needs and interests whilst helping you reactively respond and connect.

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