Plot Twist: LinkedIn’s Email Targetting and Retargetting HAS launched

Von Social Team - 24th März 2017

The wait is over! Well it never really started…

For Marketers who were excited about the ‘long-awaited’ LinkedIn update – Matched Audiences – and were then told the update would be in November 2017, think again. LinkedIn retargetting is very much here, and promising to be a game changer to LinkedIn marketing.

Following the recent ‘leaked presentation’, reported by Marketing Land, businesses everywhere were crestfallen to hear that their revolutionised retargetting plans would have to be put on hold until the end of 2017. Waiting for Technology? How archaic.

“Matched Audiences is a natural evolution of our Marketing Solutions business and we’re currently testing it with key customers”, stated a LinkedIn spokesperson to Marketing Land; “We’ve spent the last few years heavily investing in our infrastructure, and regularly enhancing Campaign Manager translates into better results for our customers.”

But here’s the twist…Matched Audiences is already live!

Using a simple csv upload (see below) Matched Audiences allows businesses to target those who visit their sites and ads, as well as enabling them to target based on email addresses.

According to LinkedIn sources, the process of uploading a list takes around 48 hours, but with little limitation on how many companies you can upload or a minimum spend (which was previously in place when working with a LinkedIn Account Manager) we’re happy to wait!

This means that LinkedIn will finally be able to compete with similar offerings from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and perhaps in the process accelerate themselves into the lead. All this from a platform who put some of its previously created ad products on hold last February.

This accelerated release could perhaps be attributed to the financial freedom of Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquirement of LinkedIn, back in 2016. Either way, with 467 million members across over 200 locations, LinkedIn offers an advertising channel that is business-centric in its essence and here’s why its release couldn’t come soon enough:

The main thing that differentiates LinkedIn from its competitors? They’re catching people in work mode. When marketers advertise to people on other platforms, they’re competing against the enticing world of personality quizzes, celebrity gossip and fail compilations; which may not be the ideal environment to attempt catching a new client’s attention.

LinkedIn is a business environment with an unmatched source of up-to-date data. For Marketers this means a unique opportunity to target professional audiences in a brand safe environment, meaning ads have a greater chance of success.

As well as this, on LinkedIn people are not only focused on the business world, but are also more likely to have their work email attached to their accounts. Hello clean data!

Similarly to the other email-based targetting options you’re used to, Matched Audiences uses “hashing”, a process used to scramble links between a person’s LinkedIn Account and their email address. In short, this means that businesses won’t be able to match a specific email address to the corresponding account, keeping privacy measures up to scratch.

What’s more, we now have the ability to target users on other websites using LinkedIn data. The logistics of LinkedIn’s website retargetting is a familiar one. Businesses can combine multiple URLs or elements of URLs to retarget against, so that they can serve custom ads to audiences of higher intent.

Additionally, there’s god send for B2B marketers; LinkedIn is now ABM friendly. Targetting business-focussed prospects via their email addresses, or even company names, is hugely beneficial and almost unmatchable! Proof? From the horse’s mouth, “Our platform…cross-references…against more than 8 million Company Pages in the LinkedIn ecosystem and creates an account target segment based on this match”.

Overall, Matched Audiences promises a great deal for businesses who are keen to target faster, better and further than ever before.

All in all, I guess you can say we’re happy to put this ‘Fake News’ to rest. Matched Audiences are here for you to use now. All you need to do is reap the rewards.

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